Tax Prep Made Easy - Putting Yourself and Your Accountant at Ease

Topic: Tax Planning
Tuesday, January 29, 2013 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM

Does the very thought of tax preparation make your eyes glaze over? We’ll identify practical steps you can take to make this burden a little lighter and maybe more lucrative as well.

As in:

- How should I keep my books to minimize my accounting bill?
- What is the best way to deduct auto expenses? Is a company car in my future?
- I pay a lot for my employees’ health insurance. Can I get the small business health credit?
- What about that “domestic production deduction”? I have fathered five sons.
- I have a home and an office. Can I deduct a home office?
- Can I save money by becoming incorporated or an LLC?
- I keep hearing about a $300 property tax refund from the state. Am I eligible?
- How long do I have to keep records?

Speaker(s): Rich Streitfeld is a personable CPA who “loves working with clients to help them build their businesses, save money on taxes and meet their financial needs. He is a partner “in a fabulous company (ALSD) with broad expertise and a large clientele”. Rich’s own clientele “runs the gamut from medical practices to dance companies; start-up health care providers to real estate entrepreneurs; clients in Florida, Hungary, and Ireland”. Rich is also a forensic accountant and has lectured to local and national audiences, live and through webinars.

TACO, room 201

Fee: Free

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